Meet A&R Manager BobbyJayTV

Meet A&R Manager BobbyJayTV

Meet A&R Manager BobbyJayTV

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Artists make sure to impact society with their sensational lyrics that have made music a lifestyle. However, there are the people backstage that make the sound effects, branding, and notoriety possible. They include sound engineers, producers, and managers. They are the most significant forces behind an artist’s success. BobbyJayTV a entrepreneur turned A&R is one of these forces with an unmatched impact on artists’ growth in the Boston scene . He got into music out of passion, hard work, and determination.He is the A&R manager at FlyBoyNation Record Label. Bob Jacobs ( born December 3rd 1994 ), better known by his stage name “BobbyJayTV” was born in a crime and violent environment in Liberia, West Africa. BobbyJayTV family came to the United States in 2005, in search for a better life. A&R and Artist Manager BobbyJayTV has a story that some in the world may see as a miracle and others, as his destiny. At 26 years old, BobbyJayTV is actively breaking down barriers and moulding a new path for youngsters just like him. His mother always had high ambitions for him. Despite the local gang violence and high crime, BobbyJayTV stayed focused and earned good grades throughout his time school. Growing up BobbyJayTV always had a love for music. He was surrounded by the sounds of hip hop/R&B and he was a skilled pianist in church . In addition he played soccer until aged 15, in which he participated in tournaments all over the nation.

Interview with BobbyJayTV : 
What made you want to start doing music?

“I started doing music because I needed something to do while I was in a bad place . Music touched my soul during those hard times. People relate to music more and that helped me ease the pain.”

What is the hardest thing about being a artist manager?

“you have good days and you have bad days, no days are the same. Being a manager is a game of patience and belief, it may take 1 year to blow it might take 5. Its always good to have another income during this time to keep you going”.

What made you want to get in the music industry?

“At first, I wanted to be an artist myself, however that was very short lived. As time progressed, I realised I was handier on the business side of music, covering management, planning, admin & scouting talent”.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years ?

“I see myself owning several business and helping my people to grow. I want to keep the legacy moving”.

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