MEET CORNEIL MCINTOSH: A Rising Film Producer/Director

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It’s not everyday you can come across an upcoming film producer who has celebrity ties and involvements within the entertainment industry.

Meet Corneil Mcintosh, 26, from Key West, FL. Founder + Owner of CEM Digital, an American entertainment company that owns and operate a diversified group of leading production/marketing companies, including @cemtvnetwork @cemtvmagazine.

Between all CEM Digital platforms, nearly 200k+ people are connected/familiar with Corneil’s brand and what he represents.

Corneil has produced variety of music videos, bts content, concert coverage and recently, his first short film that he wrote ‘Innocent until proven Guilty‘.

He’s featured 1000’s of artist on his platform @cemtvmagazine, which makes 30-40k yearly with just advertisement, the past two years.

Corneil has an estimated net worth of $300k.

Instagram @corneilmcintosh
Twitter @corneilmcintosh
Facebook @corneilmcintosh