Meet Josh : Founder of Lifestyle Goals And Dropshipping Expert

lifestyle Goals

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People who grew up with the fixed mindset of a 9-5 job after a degree are still hustling to make a satisfying living. But those who are able to adapt and use their growing mindset are earning money while they sleep. There are often multiple possible solutions when we look at the problem from different perspectives. Acknowledging the fact that many people are making enormous amounts of money using the internet, it can be a great option for you to generate income without going to work for a boss forty hours a week.

Meet Josh, founder of Lifestyle Goals. He is an excellent example that if we want to change our life and income, there is no obstacle stopping us. This can literally be done by just allowing yourself to have a new mindset and believing there is more to life than just working everyday.  What’s most remarkable about Josh is his passion to help young entrepreneurs achieve the financial freedom they desire.

Hello Josh, we’re thrilled to have you on our media. Please tell us what made you take the leap into entrepreneurship?

Thank you for the invitation. I am happy to be here and share my story with your audience. I have always put my health and family first. One of the most powerful sources of joy for me is spending more time with my family. I worked for a long period with different businesses which required my full attention. The more success I achieved the more additional pressure was with me. I was not feeling myself and started to sense that I need to find a different path.

I looked for every possible way which does not require me physically. I was shocked that there were various legit ways to make money from home using only the laptop and internet. Another great advantage was that I could work on my own schedule. 

This changed everything in my life. Now I automate my sales that leads me to make money even when I sleep. The two common ways I make money is from Affiliate marketing and dropshipping.

Can you please tell our audience more about Dropshipping?

Yes, for sure. Dropshipping is one of the chosen ways millennials are making money. The business model is very easy and any one can do it. I have launched a very successful store within a couple of days:

You can create a store using Shopify which is an easy to use online store builder utilized by over a million dropshippers. With this tool the process of making a sale is simple. Customers buy the product from your online store and you pass on the sale to a third party-supplier, who then ship the order to the customers.

If you do it right then the store can bring multiple 6 to 7 figures income/ per year.


What advice would you like to share with our audience thinking of starting the dropshipping business?

Starting my own business was a powerful idea that has changed my life for the better. I believe if you trust the process and know the strategies you can easily get financial freedom. A successful dropshipping business not only brings money but also opens many doors where we can invest  in Real Estate for example.   

It’s always a good idea to take some courses and know the process of how dropshipping works. The more information you know the better it is for starting out. This reduces the possibility of losing the funds while testing the marketing ideas.

Having a mentor will save your time and money. It also maximizes the possibilities of a successful store and reduces the risk of loss and failures. 

Have multiple products in the online store. That way the business will look legit in the eyes of customers and can lead to multiple sales. Never forget to embed reviews from previous customers to reach the reliance of new clients.

It was great to learn some of the Dropshipping tips from Josh. We hope reading his answers has helped you to take a proper action and start your online business. To get additional tips or to have a business plan that will help you to create a thriving business, reach out to him via his website: