NFTs and Cosmetics – How YANY Beauty Make the Two Work

NFTs and Cosmetics – How YANY Beauty Make the Two Work

NFTs and Cosmetics – How YANY Beauty Make the Two Work

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Though cryptocurrency is currently facing a backlash due to its continuous loss in value, businesses continue to introduce NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) to their brands. If you’re not familiar with it, NFTs are digital assets (like media files) that can be traded on the blockchain. One of them is YANY Beauty, which offers an exciting lineup along with special offers. Taking pride as the first black-owned makeup brand with an NFT, YANY Beauty is proof that beauty and technology can go together.

Crypto Beauties NFT Collection is offered on the OpenSea marketplace and accepts Ethereum (cryptocurrency) as payment. What separates it from other beauty firms offering similar services is that it includes a physical beauty product purchase shipped straight to your house, as well as an entrance to an exclusive member community with member-only advantages. One of these benefits is access to their Discord member-only channel as well as invitations to forthcoming virtual beauty events.

YANY Beauty was founded by Yaminah Childress a decade ago as a side hustle while she was still in law school. First sold to her schoolmates and family members, her DIY cosmetic items were easy to access for those looking for something made with pure ingredients while introducing inclusivity in beauty products. The brand finally opened a store in Fayetteville, Georgia last October 2020. The founder also considers the company a social enterprise, as the store features other Black-owned beauty brands.

According to Childress, their NFT offering is also an opportunity for those who love their brand but does not wear makeup. She believes in being relevant while also moving ahead in business, being in the cosmetics sector. Childress always thinks big and believes that entering tech and producing the NFT line is a great chance to offer clients something new and different while also being prepared for what’s to come in beauty and tech.

Her daughter, Shania, also acts as a co-founder and acts as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. What started as a hobby is now venturing successfully into the tech industry, coming from the warm welcome of their customers. They may be said to have transformed the beauty industry by allowing clients and website visitors to virtually test cosmetics before purchasing anything. In addition, the brand is about to incorporate AI (Artificial Intelligence) and AR (Augmented Reality) into its physical stores, eliminating the need for testers and samples. Customers will have easier access to all the brand’s items and will be able to try them on as much as they want before making a purchase. Making it also safer for buyers, especially during the pandemic.

YANY Cream Stick

YANY Beauty is working towards a more successful venture with cryptocurrency. This month, Yany Parallels, a 360-user metaverse experience that mimics the feel of shopping in the store with clickable shopping elements launches. “But more than that it allows shoppers and users an interactive experience where they can learn through video tutorials, watch live shopping and other live experiences from anywhere, while also just having fun…”, says Childress.

Now is the ideal time for all beauty enthusiasts to buy their preferred non-fungible tokens and join the ongoing global trend. This Women’s History month, Yaminah Childress is making women across the globe proud with her brand’s introduction of technology in their beauty products. What’s more notable is the difference she has made in the black community, on top of revolutionizing the way cosmetics are sold in the market.

YANY has emerged as a leader of indie brands who merge beauty with tech, most recently launching the YANYSPHERE, an immersive, mixed reality beauty experience.