Payable – The Mastermind behind electronic transactions

Payable - The Mastermind behind electronic transactions

Payable - The Mastermind behind electronic transactions

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How many times do you order and pay online? Several times a day? 

As a consumer of products and services we barely think about the system in the background of a company. The only thing that matters is the quality of the product and the process of buying. That also includes the money transaction! 

Scrolling around shady pages that don’t accept and do not load flawlessly is an obvious No-go! Ever had trouble purchasing something because your payment didn’t get through? 

It is not only a negative experience for the client but also troubles businesses. It complicates the process, brings mistakes, and creates a bad reputation that can lead to extreme losses.

Customers want a smooth payment method that is reliable, simple and works just perfectly.

A lot of business owners, especially beginners, spend a lot of money on an expensive payment system not knowing if they will make enough sales to make a profit. 

Businesses need a tool that manages electronic transactions automatically on a high level of quality and efficiency

Payable - The Mastermind behind electronic transactions

Payable – A must for every business owner

Payable creates the best opportunities for business owners to add payment options on Google Forms or Sheets. 

What does that mean? Payable offers apps, add-ons, and plugins to make electronic transactions simple, well managed, automated, and frictionless. 

So, if you just started a business selling products online, Payable is the best choice for you!

They will create the best app or add-on for your business, to help you have a reliable service to pay online. 

Payable - The Mastermind behind electronic transactions

Google Forms Add-On

As a beginner, you can simply create a google form where potential customers can choose their desired product, and with the Add-on from Payable, an option is added in a snap to pay with a few clicks.

The benefits of Payable

Business owners try to find the best option. And here it is: Payable! 

No upfront or hidden costs and complicated contracts!

Professional handling and efficient management is guaranteed with the tools that Payable offers. The Add-Ons for Google Forms or Sheets are as great as their Microsoft Forms Extensions. The incorporated payment snaps make the process of paying simple, trusted, and fast! A benefit for every business!

Let your Google Forms accept payments like magic

A lot of high-tech programs try to take the transaction process to the next level of quality. But often they are extremely complex and take a lot of time to implement. 

Payable stands out with an easy setup. It does not take more than 5 minutes to install the add-ons, link the payment options, and get started! 

Countless features like connections to a lot of payment providers (PayPal, Square, Stripe, Rapyd, and Razorpay), Auto Themes, Real-Time Updates, and Checkout Settings just show even more how amazing Payable is and that it’s the best choice for every business owner.