Payment method challenges for dispensary of cannabis

Payment method challenges for dispensary of cannabis

Payment method challenges for dispensary of cannabis

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As you probably heard about the many discussions about cannabis as a medicine, you might already have an opinion about it. 

What we want to find out here are the challenges that Cannabis Shops have with payments. 

You are confused? 

Let me help you understand! 

In some countries, in many states of the US Cannabis is legalized as a medicine. People with a sleeping problem, epilepsy, or MS use it to reduce their symptoms. 

The phenomenon is pretty young if you compare it to other medicines that are centuries old and people know exactly where and how to use them. 

Cannabis is mostly known as a drug. So, seeing it as medicine might be difficult for many. There are many individuals using Cannabis for medical reasons but wide research about its success and side effects lacks. The reason for it is that in many countries it is still defined as an illegal drug and not accepted as anything else. 

There is the side of the patients who suffer from various illnesses and see Cannabis as the only option for treatments. If they are lucky they are located in a state where they can purchase it easily. 

Even there are some countries that legalized Cannabis as medicine there are many other countries and their citizens who wish to get Marihuana to reduce their suffers from a chronic sickness like MS. 

On the other side, there is the state that has to define and argue if they can deal with the effects and consequences of having Cannabis legalized or not legalized. 

In between those two entities, we can find the business owner who is conflicted with the different interests of the state and the clients. 

Cannabis Shop Owners are challenged to not infringe the law about Cannabis, they are threatened by people who see Marihuana as a danger. 

One aspect I never thought of before is the payment methods that Cannabis Shops have.

You might think: easy just pay with a credit card! 

That was my first thought as well. But Many Cannabis Shops have to face that they are neglected by Payment Companies because those don´t want to be involved in any kind of business with Marihuana. They don´t want to risk their reputation.

This is the reason why they don´t want to give Cannabis Shops merchant accounts or any banking solutions.

This leads the Cannabis Shops to fully focus on Cash payments. They cannot find many cooperation partners because of the label of Cannabis that still fears many people. 

marijuana payment processing is just one aspect that Marihuana sellers have to deal with because the subject is very controversial. There is a very big opinion that people fear the legalization of Marihuana because they see the side effects and addiction risks. 

On the other side, some people see opportunities in Cannabis. They see a chance of a new medicine that can help many people all over the world.

These are not the only two sides. There is the government that has the interest of safety and security for their citizens and then there are the businesses that see financial success in Cannabis as a medicine.