René Lauritsen, Danish entrepreneur, business developer and consultant.


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René, you work as business consultant and I know you have also just started an interesting IT-project for yourself that I like to know about also. But first can you please tell me a little bit about your background and how you ended up becoming an entrepreneur .

Yes, well, actually I have always worked for myself. Literally!
I have never worked as an employee in any company. I started a company when I was 15 years old. That was way before internet and all that. In my small company I imported computer accessories from Germany which I sold in Denmark. It excited me. I liked being independent and “in business”, and I actually like all the processes involved with operating a company as opposed to doing just one field. Later I took a bachelor in business school. The education disappointed me as we did not get educated on how to start up businesses but to be a regular employee. After business school I have started up various companies and worked in the field as independent business consultant helping business develop in all sorts of industries. 

It’s interesting that you have basically always been an entrepreneur or business consultant all your life. What would you say differentiate your from other people?

A personality test I once took stated that I am creative and dedicated, have a talent for helping others with original solutions to their challenges. So this fits very well with what I do, I think. I always considered me a highly analytical problem-solver, eager to improve systems and processes by getting innovative ideas. I do have a keen eye for seeing possibilities for improvement, so being entrepreneur and business consultant seems to fit me very well and I love this type of work.

Do you have some advice or motto that you live by you could give our readers about becoming or being an entrepreneur?

Yeah well. Don’t do as I did (haha). They say “Don’t Quit Your Dayjob”. And that can be very true. You can jump into something or start more slow, but surely when you have the connections and capital you need. As mentioned I have always be working as independent since I was 15 basically. That’s hard-knock school of life and is NOT for everyone.

Oh yes another thing. I do have a very important motto that I can share with your reader. A motto I couldn’t work without: “It’s Not What YOU Know that matters. It’s the people you know and what they know that matters.” Truely a valuable rule of my professional life. Connections are extremely important and you need to find people that complements your own skills. I always am on the look-out for people I might find useful working with in the future. 

If you had to pick a charity to give to, who would it be and why?

I have used Here you help children and young people staying in school and when needed with some medication. It will benefit them greatly in life, if they can finish school. Also, I have used micro-loaning. Here you loan money to very small family businesses so they can be independent. 

I know you have a new project with great potential. What is the project all about? 

It’s very exciting and has huge potential indeed. It’s an all-in-one Communication app named ezTALK.
I call it the communication app to end all other communication apps. You are likely familiar with chat apps already. Apps like Skype, Whatsapp, Telegram, and there are many others popular in various parts of the world. These app can have massive valuations. Like Skype being sold for $8B and Whatsapp for $19B. The idea with my app is to be an umbrella app so to speak, for many other chat apps. Meaning ezTALK will be a hub for other chat apps, so you literally only need ezTALK, which will communicate directly with other chat app. I see a tremendous potential for this app, especially with the marketing and technology people I have contact with. 

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