Ruben Alvarez Exclusive Interview On Entrepreneurship & Marketing

Ruben Alvarez

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Motivating and trustable employees are the core preferences an entrepreneur/business owner must maintain around the workspace. Excellent value and culture commence a thriving business. The business approach is fascinating, but selling the product toward the right audience is considerably difficult. For the envision of a successful business, it is necessary to hire people who are experts in advertising.  Numerous people struggle to create marketing strategies that standout among the competitors. Those who embrace the power of branding are the ones generating multiple seven figures in revenue.  

Enter Ruben Alvarez, founder of The Marketing Hunters ( Arizona’s top marketing company). He is an expert at growth hacking with entrepreneurship and marketing. Today he is acknowledged as one of the top marketers committed to helping businesses strengthen their online brand. Alvarez has featured on various global media like USA TODAY, Yahoo finance, MarketWatch, Thrive Global, LA Style Magazine, and more.

Hello Ruben, We’re thrilled to have you on our media. Please tell us about you and your work.

Thanks for the invitation. I am happy to be here and share my expertise with your audience. I have more than eight years of sales and marketing experience. I always had a foreknowledge to start my venture and help businesses drive targeted results. The satisfaction I receive assisting companies to succeed and make an impact is unexplainable. My passion for the digital marketing strategy, enhancing brand visibility, and accelerating more leads became the core influence for starting The Marketing Hunters.

We create engaging projects, target the right audience, utilize social influencer and content marketing, and design viral campaigns.

How can small businesses market their products?

I understand that small businesses regularly struggle to promote their product. Competing with big brands, spending enormous amounts of funds in promotions is challenging. And the numerous platforms available to share brand stories can be confusing. There are various methods a small business can market the product. I strongly recommend starting with a website. Almost all the brands are moving online rapidly doing so your company will also get benefited. Start small and focus on getting a good ROI( Return on Investment) for every product you launch. Never fear to scale your business and prioritize customer satisfaction.

Even if the business is small, you need to have a growth mindset. Organize your thoughts and create a short & impressive brand story. No matter how big or small a company an individual operates, a brand story is a key to recall people about your service. Compelling branding can create a long-lasting impact and assist in standing out amongst the best.

Leverage social media with videos and engaging marketing pictures. Publish content at least once a day. Customers usually purchase products that are active on social media. Create content that shows how products or services are executed behind the scene, and connect the audience on a personal level. These strategies frequently bring word to mouth recommendation and returning customers.

How do you revive energy?

As an entrepreneur, it is crucial to take care of our well-being. I start my day with a workout and a healthy breakfast. That eases energy flow throughout my body and keeps me active. During the workdays, I catch a break to drink water that helps me to get my enthusiasm back. I spend weekends hiking or playing games with friends. Whenever there is an opportunity, I practice mindfulness and self-care. These routines have benefited me in various ways.

If you are new to entrepreneurship, I strongly advise you to prioritize your well-being. That creates positive intentions and assists to get aligned with the results. Live your life as a successful person without the time and financial stress. 

How to create a million dollar business within a year or two?

The world is getting smaller because of the astonishing reach of the internet worldwide. It is entirely possible to own even a multi-million dollar business. First, you need to let go of all the fixed mindset and love the process of sharpening the knowledge. Before starting any company knows about the demands. If you want to create a million-dollar business within a year, you have to be disciplined and act like a millionaire. Create step by step plans on hiring the team, advertising the product/service, shipping, and more.

Find a partner: Having a business partner always contributes an additional boost. If you would like to be the sole owner of the company, take your better-half or family as the advisors. Share ideas with them and note their feedback. Make your own decision, respect, and listen to people trying to help. It is essential to have someone you trust by your side.

Focus on the high ticket: Selling thousands of low priced products/services might take an extended period to earn your desired income. Instead, focus on particular clients. Research the right audience looking for a solution and willing to pay a higher price. All of your marketing campaigns should target high-value customers. Hire a team that can create and sell high ticket funnels. 

Don’t overcommit: In the excitement of making money, new entrepreneurs accept deals that may not be in their range of work. Acknowledge that it is comparatively difficult to earn million dollars by satisfying everyone. Have a clear vision of the projects you will like to get involved in and stick with it. Mastering your business model will help you to stand out as an expert. That brings confidence, low risk, gets your energy focused, and directs it towards the outcome. 

Spend time with a multi-millionaire: You become the one you surround. One of the reasons I hang out with Grant Cardone, Tim Grover, Brad Lea, and various successful people is because it boosts my self-esteem and motivates me towards the goal. If you aspire to create a similar impact, you need to surround yourself with people better than you.

It was amazing to learn some of the marketing and business tips from Ruben Alvarez. We hope reading his answers has helped you to make plans and implement the strategies to your own company. To get additional tips or to have a marketing plan that will help you to create a thriving business, reach out to him via his official website: where his firm offers branding  & marketing services.