Seth Tzvi Rosenthal: Tips for positive intentions and mindfulness

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Wellbeing is one of the most essential learnings every individual is aspiring in this digitalized world. Due to a high-level technology, several things have unquestionably become simpler and faster. But, somehow the level of human stress is rising rapidly. Successful personalities are getting anxieties and depressions faster. The digitalization gives many benefits and in the same time basic human ressources like mindfulness and positivity gets weak in the shade of speed and growth of the economic world. This is a global challenge!

There are countless approaches individuals can balance work and life. One of the comfortable ways to start having a stress free life is to surround yourself with positive and supportive people. Having someone by your side has a vital purpose for every individual to get out of the circle of depression. Stay connected with your friends and family as much as you can.

Get a notebook and write a positive affirmation every morning.

List things that you are grateful for. This benefits us to build confidence and shows us the positivity in small things. We often encounter various negative news that can drain the positivity from us. Initiate a habit of listening to positive talks or songs that motivate you every day. Find time to meditate to ground yourself and strengthen your mindfulness. It can be yoga or a book as well, so you can slow down and take a break from the modern hustle.

Often people find it challenging to set positive intentions.

To have a desirable lifestyle, people have to visualize it and create steps/ plans to accomplish it. You can start by being conscious about the things you want to do today or in a certain period. Adding positivity to those intentions is the way to attract those goals naturally. When we are happy and share our love unconditionally, the universe supports us to achieve what we desire.

Having negative thoughts is disrupting our ability to be mindful and strong.

To have a thriving career or health, every individual must be conscious of the things they get into. A very important step is becoming mindful and alert about the presence. Whatever situation you are in while practising mindfulness, be calm, breath in and out, feel the bodily sensations and be considerate of things around you. Try your best to feel the present circumstances and give your thanks to the universe. The most important day is not tomorrow or yesterday, the most important day is today. You can enjoy “today” every day again.

Eating healthy and drinking adequate volumes of water is a regular thing everyone should practice. To maintain health and boost the immune system, exercising regularly and hiking provides additional support.

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