Shontel Greene- From the ‘Streets’ to Seven – Figure Entrepreneurial Success

Shontel Greene- From the ‘Streets’ to Seven – Figure Entrepreneurial Success

Shontel Greene- From the ‘Streets’ to Seven – Figure Entrepreneurial Success

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Shontel Greene is a true entrepreneurial success story. The details of her life are now detailed in the new book, Mastermind Born a Statistic, Determined to Die a Winner,12 Years Later. 

This book is the compelling true story of Shontel Adams (Greene). 

Shontel was born and raised in the tough streets of West Baltimore, Maryland. Her life took a wrong turn when she was only 14 yrs. old when she became a drug dealer to save the family home from foreclosure. She was lured into the drug underworld of fast money and fast-paced lifestyle.

However, she led a double life, she excelled in school at the same time her intelligence helped her become a top drug dealer by the age of 17.

Shontel was arrested many times, but her final arrest landed her with a prison sentence of 20 years. 

Her true awakening finally came from Judge Johnson, who reduced her 20-year sentence to weekend jail during her mandatory college matriculation. Shontel realized books were her saving grace. On her mother’s death bed, she begged Shontel to change, and from that moment on, she never sold drugs again.  With two Master’s degrees and a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree she began her life of business success.
Shontel’s mastermind helped her get out of the drug world and she vowed to be a success in her business ventures. She built a legitimate multi-million-dollar business empire.  Shontel also participates in multiple philanthropic ventures to give back to those in need in the inner city.

Her motto was, “You can’t control the cards you are dealt, but you absolutely can control how you play them.” Shontel was always determined to “Play to win.”

Shontel Greene- From the ‘Streets’ to Seven – Figure Entrepreneurial Success

Shontel answered a short Q and A:

Q: After Prison and college, you then received advanced degrees, how did you decide what you field you wanted to focus on?

A: I always knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to become a nurse. After taking care of my grandmother, I knew helping others was my passion.

Q: How did you change your mindset from selling drugs and fast cash to getting an education and become an entrepreneur?

A: It was very hard for me to change my mindset. However, I knew I would die if I stayed on the streets. I also thought about my daughter, and how I owed her a better life. I never stopped going to school, just not at a fulltime pace. Therefore, it had to be done.

Q: How did you start your first business; did you need investors?

A: I started my first business from scratch, I did not have any investors. I worked double shifts until I was able to stand independently as an entrepreneur. 

Q: What tips do you have for someone who is starting a business from scratch?

A: My tips to anyone starting a business, I would let them know success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. Take no short cuts.

Q: How long after launching your businesses did you know you were a success?

A: As an entrepreneur I feel you never reach a comfortable level of success; you find yourself always trying to achieve excellence.

Shontel has been featured in Black Enterprise magazine as one of the largest growing Black-owned businesses. She has also been featured in Forbes and Power magazine as well as various TV and news shows.

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