SPACES: The Office Trend of 2021

SPACES: The Office Trend of 2021

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After what felt like an eternal 2020, the year 2021 is finally among us. What started out as a headline on the news led to a worldwide pandemic and we are left facing sickness, shut downs of businesses, grocery delivery, virtual schooling and working from home. These unprecedented times are causing constant change, leaving people to reconstruct their plans. Flexibility is the key word of 2021 as companies shift their business models. Health and safety take top priority, creating preparation for future pandemics. Is this our new normal? Perhaps. But despite it all, the show must keep going on and businesses still have to run; as normal as they can.

Companies are now finding innovative ways for their offices to run as health and safety is the ongoing concern. While many employees are forced to work remotely, having an office space has its benefits. Office environments inspire community and team building, collaboration, physical human interaction, and more. On that, small businesses are climbing up the food chain as larger companies that occupy skyscrapers are downsizing. Pristine real estate is at a better rate – about 15 to 20 percent better prior to the pandemic. The commitment to sign a lease or purchase an office space during these unprecedented times appear contradicting, but there is more to gain either through an increase in a real estate investment, especially in a desirable location.

Whether your business is downsizing or starting up, the perfect solution is upon you: co-working spaces. At SPACES-Playhouse District, you can enjoy top-level productivity with an array of potential workspaces to choose from. SPACES Playhouse District is located in beautiful and elegant Pasadena, CA. With office walls that bear high-end finishes, an attractive lobby, and great street presence, there’s also flexibility in the location for both business and pleasure. Although real estate is at its prime rate currently, SPACES-Pasadena offers affordable co-working office spaces for those to continue to do business or downgrade. It is possible here to open your business with a lease offered at a fantastically reduced cost.

SPACES: The Office Trend of 2021

SPACES-Pasadena is currently offering significantly discounted prices up-front to reduce initial costs on long-term leases:

-Fixed terms of 3–12 months: 50% off

-Fixed terms of 13–24 months: 50% off year 1; 25% off year 2

-Fixed terms of 25–36 months: 50% off year 1; 25% off year 2; 15% off year 3

-Month to Month: 50% off first 6 months only

The free-spirited vibe of SPACES-Pasadena attracts a lively community of positive and like-minded individuals. The goal to create dynamic workspaces with a unique entrepreneurial spirit is the what SPACES is about and now it’s available to all, at a price that is cost-effective.

For more information, please contact Area Sales Manager, David Morrison at (424)362-5562 or at  [email protected]