START GIVING LOCAL raising funds and promoting authentic initiatives.

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We live in a world where the social sector is held predominantly by private non-profit organizations. Those NPO`S, NGO´s and INGO´s have to work hard to make an impact.

Non-profit organizations and those less fortunate need help from their communities. Although Start Giving Local is innovating the funding model they need public support to increase positive impact. They depend on donations and volunteer-projects to help.

Generations Y & Z have consistently shared that impact and giving back are important aspects of their career happiness. Start Giving Local’s effort to help companies make it easy to give can help organizations to improve workplace culture while to helping the teams support important community projects.

Right now, the world faces a very new challenge with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Obviously, the virus and all its measures have as well a big impact on NPO´s and NGO´s. Especially the small one who don’t have a financial backup. Because of lockdowns and various safety reasons in many countries volunteering is not possible in the current situation. This can lead to a breakdown in organizations which are already working on their limits to help people in the current situation.

How to help during COVID-19?

There are two fundamental ways of helping. There is one “private” version where you reach out and get in contact (keep the distance) with friends and family and help them as much as possible. It’s not always easy to know what they are going through. Some people don’t share their sorrows because it makes them feel more vulnerable. Offering your help and support will be a first step of encouragement.
Charity starts from home! So, if you see your friend, workmate or neighbor struggling to survive, your support can go a long way to them.

The second possible way is to reach out and volunteer your skills, or if possible, financially support organizations which are working to solve big world problems and helping the most vulnerable in society with everyday programming.


There are many big organizations raising millions of dollars whenever there is any kind of emergency around the world. But the support they provide to needy people is very low compared to the work of local organizations.

If you’re looking for a legit non-profit organization to donate or volunteer in the future, we recommend you check out START GIVING LOCAL. It is an IRS registered, Guidestar Platinum 501(c)3 organization.

Your donation to START GIVING LOCAL will help the local communities. If you’ve any skills you can also share and volunteer with them in the future. It is a unique feature of START GIVING LOCAL to involve donations as well as volunteer projects because many charities just ask for donations and not people’s involvement. 

The Mission Statement of START GIVING LOCAL

To support the greater social good by promoting wellness, fostering inclusion and innovation & empowering everyone with the ability to easily support any secular, non-political cause. .”

“Start Giving Local is committed to developing strategic programming, education, & events that inspire positive community action & foster collaboration in support of our mission.”

Find out more on their website: Start Giving Local

Giving has always been one of the social responsibilities of human beings. The satisfaction we get to support other lives is invaluable. Helping others is never a bad decision. Donate what you can and support your local community.