Terrell Grobes has created a buzz around faith based apparel brand.

Terrell Grobes has created a buzz around faith based apparel brand.

Terrell Grobes has created a buzz around faith based apparel brand.

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Not only is this individual an entrepreneur, he is also a professional basketball player. Terrell Grobes, CEO of ‘Having A God Day’, is an example of beating the odds and breaking down invisible barriers. About 98% of college basketball players never make it to the pro rank and around 90% of start-up businesses fail. Today, we are excited to tell some of Terrell’s story via our magazine. This exclusive interview has hidden gems and many tips for aspiring athletes and entrepreneurs. I also note to mention his company projects to do 7 figures in the year 2022. 

Tell me a little bit about your background and how you ended up choosing your field

Since I was young, I always knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur and a professional basketball player. Working a 9-5 job was never what I wanted I always wanted to create my own path and generational wealth for my family. I achieved my dreams of playing basketball professionally overseas, now I am looking to help expand our brand around the world. 

What is your business all about?

‘Having A God Day’ is a brand that was created by my mom, Denise Banks. God blessed her with this idea during a difficult time in her life to help spread love through our apparel. I didn’t fully take it seriously until I wore one of her hoodies and I was complimented throughout the day. We want to help spread God’s love one shirt at a time. We also do this in honor of my dad Joseph Grobes who recently passed in 2019. 

Terrell Grobes has created a buzz around faith based apparel brand.

How long have you been playing overseas and what countries so far? 

I am in my 5th season and have played in Taiwan, Mexico, Peru, and Bolivia. I just recently came off of a good season playing Libobasquet for Club Amistad in Bolivia. I am currently talking to teams and plan on going back over very soon.

How do you differentiate yourself from others in your field?

First, I wouldn’t be able to do this without my family-my wife, Monet, my mom, Denise, my brother, Ryan and my cousin, Joseph. I differentiate myself from others in the market because I think big, I’m extremely persistent, and I never stop learning. I know that If I’m the smartest in the room, I need to find another room. I’m also willing to outwork the people I am competing with on and off the basketball court. When it comes to business, as an owner and entrepreneur, you never work 9-5 You work 95, as in 95 hours per week. 


You can check us out at www.GodDayMerch.com. You can also check us out on Facebook and Instagram @GodDayMerch. Our team is constantly posting inspirational messages, new inventory, and seasonal deals on our apparel. Any questions or concerns email us at [email protected]. You can personally reach me at @TerrellGrobes on all social media platforms.