The New Packaging Paradigm

The New Packaging Paradigm

The New Packaging Paradigm

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Everything is changing in the world of packaging. Because of its nature as a disposable commodity, packaging is the first stop.

Laws and regulations are changing every year. Consumer habits and sentiment are driving massive change. Your brand need solutions, both short- and long-term.

The machinery industry needs to catch up now. Forge trustworthy relationships and create adapted machinery designs. That way, the packaging machinery industry stay ahead of the curve.

New Laws

In Europe and the UK, new laws are taking effect that require a specific amount of recycled content in every plastic item. These laws will for example change the nature of the plastic being used for packaging. The recycled content changes the plastic itself.

In the USA California has passed a law that bans PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) from food packaging and requires its labelling in cookware that contain these chemicals. This change will also change the types of plastics that some manufacturers use for their products.

While these laws take effect, some as early as 2023, timing the development and manufacturing of the right machinery solutions will have to happen ASAP.

To ensure that there’s no break in your access to the production you need for your machinery solutions, you can start by outsourcing its manufacture.

New Machinery – In the both the short and long term, these changes will require retooling or entirely new machinery. Much of that machinery will need to be engineered from scratch. The new materials and components need to be handled differently from the existing items.

For this, choose a company that can get the machinery you need in a timely manner, one that has more than one source for their industrial machinery. You don’t want to wait in line for your machinery to arrive while regulators are breathing down your neck or an environmental writer writes a scathing story about how your company is slow-walking change in your manufacturing process. To be able to be part of that turn-around, your team will have to focus on what they do best; designing solutions for your customers not fixing your production issues.

Now and Later

By starting with outsourcing, then getting your own machinery, you can ensure compliance with new laws immediately and well into the future.