“The only way to run a successful law firm is to be both an attorney and an entrepreneur”. -Sam Tabibian

“The only way to run a successful law firm is to be both an attorney and an entrepreneur”. -Sam Tabibian

“The only way to run a successful law firm is to be both an attorney and an entrepreneur”. -Sam Tabibian

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Sam Tabibian and Sahm Manouchehri are a dynamic duo behind one of the most innovative Law Firm in the Personal Injury field.  

In 2013 Sam Tabibian and Sahm Manouchehri co-founded Century Park Law Group, following the company’s decision to expand and rebrand to provide greater value to clients, Century Park Law Group changed its name to Lyfe Law in 2022. 

Sam Tabibian is consistently ranked as one of California’s top Personal Injury attorneys. Backed by his mission Sam Tabibian leverages technologies to cater to clients’ needs. With the motto “Better technology improves efficiency” and with a strong focus on innovation and education, Sam and Lyfe Law are creating a movement where they successfully leverage modern technology to provide superior client service and maintain a company culture that sets employees for success.

When it comes to challenging, high-stakes personal injury cases, Lyfe Law Partner Sahm Manouchehri is a vigorous advocate for his clients. Sahm is a highly-recognized injury lawyer, public speaker, and legal commentator. 

Lyfe Law is a modern-day law firm whose primary focus is on complex premises liability, product liability, auto, truck, and motorcycle accident claims. Lyfe Law boasts a 99% success rate and is so confident in their lawyers that they do not take a fee unless they win a case. With offices all across California, Lyfe Law is a pioneer when it comes to innovation and modern technology, rightfully earning the label of a “Tech Company Doing Law”. 

What advice would you give to someone thinking about becoming an attorney?

Sam Tabibian: First and foremost, I would advise them to get some experience in a law office to make sure they want to be an attorney. To be a successful lawyer, you have to be passionate about the law. It is not for everyone. Television and movies glamorize what lawyers do, which to an extent is true.  However, they don’t show all the hard work that goes behind it. I was on the path to medical school and after some work in an emergency room quickly realized that it was not the path for me. Take some time to work or intern at different law firms and different areas of law to see if it is the path for you.

Sahm Manouchehri: There are two types of attorneys: transactional and litigation attorneys.  These are two very different things in that transactional deals with negotiating and drafting contracts while litigation involves lawsuits or the likelihood of it.  As a litigation attorney going on twenty years on both the defense and plaintiffs’ side, my advice is to determine early on whether you have passion for the law.  Because without passion, litigation can be very exhausting as it is designed to be adversarial, which is negative by nature.  Without passion, it will eat at you.  The passion for whatever area of law is what keeps you going no matter how “successful” you become.  This passion will result in doing a great job for your clients and being a successful attorney.  Without passion, you’ll become hollow inside.

What would you say was the single most influential factor in your business’ success?

Sam Tabibian: Putting clients first. As an attorney, you get pulled in many directions, particularly when you have your own practice or firm. You can easily lose sight of why you are doing your job. If you don’t focus on the client, you will ultimately fail. 

Sahm Manouchehri: Caring for our clients.  Again, it comes to having to have a passion for whatever it is that you do that keeps you invigorated.  In our profession as injury lawyers, we have clients who have been injured at no fault of their own who are also scared as to the unknown.  Am I going to get better?  Who is going to pay my bills?  Who is going to fix my car?

We are retained to ensure that our clients recover from their injuries and are ultimately compensated by the wrongdoer that caused their injuries.  Without a genuine caring for our clients’ needs, they would become a number to us as they are to the insurance companies.  Moreover, without a genuine caring, we would not be able to achieve our two goals since we wouldn’t properly be able to prove our clients’ damages to the insurance companies without genuinely caring for our clients.  I can’t write it enough times.  You have to give a f**k.

Name 3 people in the business world who inspire you the most.

Sam Tabibian: Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Adam Neumann from WeWork. Steve Jobs was a revolutionary, he thought of things that no one was possible and made it come to life. Many may think he was a revolutionary because he brought the iPhone to life. Though that was revolutionary, the real revolution came with all the various apps that we utilize in our day-to-day lives. He really changed the world. 

Elon Musk is very similar to Jobs in that he is also a revolutionary and visionary. He has taken technology and pushed it to the limits. No one would have predicted that we would be driving autonomous electric cars this early or taking private flights to space. Jobs and Musk had these revolutionary visions that through time and perseverance were able to bring to life.

Neumann is what I would consider a true entrepreneur. He kept trying different failed business ideas until one finally worked. When it worked, he did not take his foot off the throttle and pushed growth and expansion at an extremely fast pace. This is not an easy feat. It is a constant balancing involving strategy, time commitment, and capital. 

Sahm Manouchehri: Warren Buffett because despite his enormous wealth, he is still relatable to us all.  He’s either got great PR or is just a nice guy who knows how to make money.  I like his humbleness. Can’t think of two others. Most are successful but not humble so affects their inspirability. 🙂

Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur or an attorney?

Sam Tabibian: I am both. I have spent the first 10 years of my practice learning to be an attorney. It takes time and experience. With the creation of LyfeLaw, I have become an entrepreneur.  As a law firm, we provide a service similar to a product a company sells. I have to be able to get people to utilize our services, that is get new clients through the door; I have to get the best results on their cases, which involves operations and the practice of law; and I have to run a business with many employees. The only way to run a successful law firm is to be both an attorney and an entrepreneur. 

Sahm Manouchehri: An attorney.  My duties at the firm require my experience as both an insurance defense attorney and as a plaintiffs’ attorney.  I not only advise our clients but educate the younger attorneys and legal staff to constantly ask questions to better sharpen our tools.   Educating the legal team and our clients on all aspects of the law and how the facts of their case apply to law allows us to successfully prove our client’s case to not only the insurance company reviewing the claim but ultimately a jury if a lawsuit has to be filed.

Describe your business in 3 words?

Sam Tabibian: Technological Injury Firm.

Sahm Manouchehri: Law meets tech.  What we mean is that our technology allows us to be on top of each of our clients’ cases preventing mistakes that the insurance company will try and use to devalue our clients’ claims.  We constantly review our clients’ files and educate them on what is going on so that they help us help them.  We make the law simple.  It’s as simple as that.