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The Review Builder

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It’s a no-brainer that we often buy a service which has a high rating. Even if the product is astounding, fewer or no reviews will redirect the potential customer to competitors. Our brain triggers us that more reviews automatically combine a good quality of a product or service. As you’re aware every company has a website and it’s questionable to believe that business growth without an online appearance is possible. Owning a comprehensive testimonial (easy visible online), is one of the main marketing tools for a thriving business. It gives your business credibility and quality.

Pre-COVID through today, small companies are in desperate need for customers and repeat business. Google and other platforms reward business with greater placement, visibility, and traffic when their users and customers are posting five star reviews. The Review Builder makes the collection process of reviews incredibly easy for companies.

Today we’re thrilled to meet the team of The Review Builder and share their mission. Please tell us more about the company?

Requesting customers for review is a complicated process. The majority of clients who are satisfied with the service, address their thanks to the staff but won’t visit the website for testimonials. Unfortunately, a negative review is usually posted within an hour of service provided. This damages small businesses and creates higher unemployment. This shows that the reviews we see are distorted because it’s more common that people review when they are not pleased than when they are content.

Based on this circumstance, we built an easy solution that allows a customer to post their review without any complication. Our review management platform offers different ways to ask and remind customers to review your business and gives you as an owner easy handling with the given reviews. With email, sms and other media we manage for you, you will reach all customers (happy and unhappy ones). We ensure that customers leave a review and we automate friendly reminders. Our system immediately handles negative reviews and focuses on receiving 5-star ratings as well. Our guiding principles are simple, customizable and effective

How do you think technology will affect the way we do business 10 years from now?

The expectation for the best customer experience is headed for the future . We crave awesome experiences daily. It’s why I go to Chic-fil-A or Amazon. The future of business will be much more immersive. This increases the need for business to do a better job of recording positive experiences and use them as the best content to advertise, just ask Joe Exotic.

We are entering an era where everyone is interested in multiple income streams. How does one decide on a business to pursue?

Using the tone of the last question, and offering a projection of the future I’ll answer this question by applying the principle of “quantum living” ie. do everything. That is, pursue as many businesses that you’re absolutely passionate about all at once. This should also maximize the total number of financial streams.

What would you say was the single most influential factor in your business’ success?

Keeping things simple. This means, focusing entirely on the one service that we can always guarantee customer satisfaction.

If you’re intending to get your brand noticed in search engines, first list and verify your business in “Google My Business”. If you’re struggling to get a business listed and collect representative reviews, then we recommend you to contact The Review Builder to get support. 

It is vital to increase your business exposure with 5-star reviews to become profitable.