The School Of Ikigai’s Thought Leader Isabella Kanso Helps the Lost and Hopeless Find Their Purpose

The School Of Ikigai’s Thought Leader Isabella Kanso Helps the Lost and Hopeless Find Their Purpose

The School Of Ikigai’s Thought Leader Isabella Kanso Helps the Lost and Hopeless Find Their Purpose

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What do you want to be remembered for? Isabella Kanso, the founder of the School of Ikigai, knows that she wants to help others find their purpose and live a more fulfilling & miraculous life. She wants people to know that they are not alone even during their darkest of times. To achieve this goal, she decided to create courses (Mind, Body, and Soul) where people can learn about their passions and make progress towards what they truly want to do with their lives through the alchemy of their old narratives of pain and trauma into dreams turned realities.

As the school’s founder, Kanso has learned a lot about the purpose of life from her own journey dancing with death multiple times, and today she stands to share her wisdom with others.

Ikigai is a Japanese word that translates to “ Your reason for being”. Isabella teaches her students and soul-FULL clients how to find their ikigai and live a fulfilling life.

Isabella says “I didn’t always have a clear sense of purpose. For a very long time, I felt like I was just going through the motions, without any real direction or goal in mind. It wasn’t until I stumbled over my family lineage and healer roots then everything clicked into place. Once I realized that my purpose was to help others find their own Ikigai, everything else fell into place. These days, I wake up every day feeling excited and motivated to do what I do. And I’m so grateful to be able to share this gift with others through the School of Ikigai”.

Isabella Kanso is a jaw-dropping inspiration to many people around the world. She started the school with the intention of helping others to create themselves rather than getting lost in the concept of finding themselves. And she has done just that. Through her work, she’s helping people from all walks of life, find passion and build a career around it, especially if you’re struggling as an immigrant, refugee, war child and/or POC.

After going through a 16 year period of hopeless turmoil, I realized that something was missing in the world- a school that could teach people how to find their Ikigai. So, I healed myself out of leg paralysis post a car collision, went from $0 to manifesting $10,000 in one week before my spiritual nomad journey. Unlearned all the programming in my mind, took a leap of faith, listened to my inner compass and started over but this time with my own purpose in building and bringing to light the School of IKigai.Isabella Kanso

Isabella currently lives in Bali, and her vision is to inspire 1 billion students to create revolutionary change inward-out.

She is also a global UNICEF educator, TEDx Resilience Organizer & NLP Consultant. Many international magazines have recognized her work including Silicon Valley Times. She is an 8 times death warrior, spiritual leader, resilience educator and coach, filmmaker, and author.

Right now there is a significant need for spiritual entrepreneurs like Isabella. If you are stuck or feel alone in your life, she is the person who can help you to have a breakthrough and manifest a thriving life.