The Unstoppable Entrepreneur- Neil Senturia

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur- Neil Senturia

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur- Neil Senturia

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Neil Senturia is the ultimate entrepreneur. His ventures include film, retail franchise, venture capitalist, tech, real estate and he is a bestselling author. 

His highly acclaimed books include:

I’m There For You Baby: The Entrepreneur’s Guide To The Galaxy, 

We’re There For You Baby: The Entrepreneur’s Guide To the Galaxy

I’m Still There For You Baby: The Entrepreneur’s Guide To The Galaxy

New Book Release: I Did It, The Largest Woman-Run Ponzi Scheme in American History

The Gina Champion Cain story.

Neil knew Gina Champion for 20 years and had no idea that she was masterminding the Ponzi scheme. She agreed to tell Neil her story. Neil was interviewed about the book on an upcoming episode of American Greed and in discussions about turning the book into a film or series.

The San Diego entrepreneur has done it all and successfully! He also writes a weekly award-winning business column for the San Diego Union-Tribune (I’m There for You Baby, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to the Galaxy.) 

Neil Senturia answered a Q and A so we could learn more about him:

 Q: Where did you attend college?

Neil: I attended Tufts University and majored in English. I then attended University of Missouri, majored in Journalism. That was followed by New York University Film School, then the American Film Institute – Movies.

 Q: Can you share your film background?

Neil: I did 10 years of writing sitcoms, screenplays and more. Typically, in Hollywood, some got made and most did not. 

Q:  Why and how you did a pivot to being an entrepreneur?

Neil: I think I was always an entrepreneur, I just practiced different categories, Movies, then Real Estate and technology.

Q: What were your early entrepreneurial ventures?

Neil: My early claim to fame is that I owned the west coast franchise of CHIPWICH!

Q: What about your real estate and technology ventures?

Neil: I have built 2M square feet of properties such as a high rise, hotel and offices. 

Technology: 7 or 6 companies as founder of co-founder. CEO/ investor in another dozen. 

Q: Were all your ventures a success? 

Neil: Some, but failures are never far behind, you just try to outrun them. 

Q: What are your latest ventures?

Neil: My columnist gig for The San Diego Tribune has been fabulous the past 11 years. I have written over 460 columns. All budding or even established entrepreneurs can learn from them.

Q: Do you have any future projects planned?

Neil: I started another software company: 


Neil Senturia is truly the unstoppable entrepreneur. Find out more about him by visiting: