Tips for Mastering Your Brand Storytelling

Brand Storytelling

Brand Storytelling

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In the age of advanced technology, we are constantly feeding short messages in our brains. During a day we might consume 500 to 1000 little information via social media, news, friends/family, or more, and 1-2 information remains with us for a more extended period. That can be something about a cat doing silly stuff or some emotional story of an individual that we feel connected to.

Oftentimes we prefer to listen to someone who has a similar story. And this experience is quite unforgettable.  Acknowledging this fact and as a business owner, we can take advantage of it and share our company story to make people buy our brand. Storytelling is a powerful marketing strategy to maximize awareness and revenue.

Here are 2 easy tips to master your brand storytelling.

Video production

People are spending hours watching different videos on Youtube, Facebook Watch, Instagram IGTV, and on more platforms. Sharing information as a video is getting extremely popular. People who have personal brands are documenting their day to day life and sharing with their followers, which is helping them to earn trust from their audience. Please keep in mind that trust plays one of the most essential parts while making a purchase of service/product.

If possible create 3-5 min videos every day associated with your brand and share it with the audience via available media platforms. To make a sale you have to be seen!

If you don’t know how to create a video then  you can get assistance from Video Production Company

Content marketing

You might be familiar with many leaders who often show up in news via TV, social media, or interviews on Newspapers. As the world is getting digitally advanced, people prefer to read articles and post online. This adds credibility to which potential customers search for your product on Google. Sharing values on different online media outlets bring traffic to your business as well as give you tons of new clients.

If you and your team can master sharing videos and publishing content online. There will be no business that can compete and overcome the reputation you have built. With so many available opportunities to promote the business online, it must be confusing. Focus on sharing your message via videos. It has the potential to reach millions of audiences within a short period. And another advantage of sharing videos on Youtube or Facebook watch is that it is completely free. Also note these both platforms not only allow you to bring customers to your store but also pay you for the videos posted. This is always a win for a company. 

Before creating any content keep in mind to add 3 elements. A great hook, compelling content and an understanding of what your audience will connect to. Spend some time doing the survey asking people questions related to the business you are in. Understanding their point of view will help marketers to create relatable videos and online content. Those people we survey are the ones buying our products, so acknowledging their needs and thoughts will help us to target them with a solution.