Today we chatted to Mark Richardson about the nutritional edge.

Today we chatted to Mark Richardson about the nutritional edge.

Today we chatted to Mark Richardson about the nutritional edge.

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When you begin to think in 7 figures it motivates you to go out and find new information, something to gain the edge that allows you to attract that kind of success. Many people dream about winning lotto and as time goes on it appears to be getting so much easier.. 

I was lucky enough to catch up with an Australian Nutritionist, Mark Richardson who is applying nutrition in different ways. This is a very exciting approach for anyone that wants to look at peak performance. 

It’s interesting that Mark has his own 7 figure story. When he was younger he enjoyed developing his own businesses and quickly developed a taste for success as he progressed. Along came the usual rewards in the form of houses, holidays, cars and lifestyle. I asked Mark what was one of the most exciting milestones? Mark said that he has always had a passion for his sailing and yachts, however the freedom of becoming a pilot really stands out and so does the year I spent travelling. 

At this point the story started to get interesting. About the time that Mark first became a dad his health really started to decline. He recalls the struggles along the way when he was a child with Chronic Fatigue related issues, however his body had really given up and the little energy factories had decided to slow down. 

Mark originally thought it was like some corporate burn out, but it had never been this bad. A whole new journey began that was far removed from his previous interests. When I asked Mark about that time in his life he recalled being helpless as everything he was trying proved of little benefit. The doctors at that time really did have a good attempt at trying to improve the situation however the only thing that seemed to work was the diet component. 

As time went on Mark began to recover as he was applying nutrition strategies to his illness in a unique way. It was a natural progression now for Mark to move into this health space. Supporting nutrition in illness is an interesting concept so I asked for more information. As I now understand, we are talking about the impact of nutrition on the Autonomic Nervous System. Essentially there are two parts. The sympathetic branch that protects us in danger called the flight and fight. There is the parasympathetic branch that is the calm, often referred to as the rest and repair,

In Mark’s illness he began to see that his nervous system was most often in one state more than another. They call this dominance. Another discovery was then made that both branches can be active or driven at the same time. That begins to explain how people can feel wired and tired at the same time. 

As you begin to apply nutrition appropriately to match the state of the nervous system, a new functional ease is achieved. The same is true when applying nutrition that is opposed to the state of the nervous system. This was later proven in a provocation study as autonomic instability. If the nutrition is mismatched in some cases it can cause anxiety or even fatigue. 

Obviously this is not the answer to Fatigue Related issues, however it was extremely supportive when trying to manage symptoms. The evolution is when these principles are applied in peak performance they also produce a positive result. Peak performance for example could be athletes, however it’s just as effective for brain power and energy in the business world. 

I asked Mark to give us his best health tip as a Nutritionist. He explained that most people don’t prioritise good health habits and often wait for the onset of illness before making changes. So his advice would be to migrate towards good habits and have them in place before they were needed. I’m sure that’s a synergistic approach to thinking in 7 figures.