Vegas celebrity entertainer Shea Arender builds new brand “Total Life Champion”

Vegas celebrity entertainer Shea Arender builds new brand “Total Life Champion”

Vegas celebrity entertainer Shea Arender builds new brand “Total Life Champion”

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Former Las Vegas Symphony Orchestra CEO Shea Arender had a great awakening in the midst of the Covid pandemic when he was looking at all of the possibilities of a revamp of his life. As for all of us .. that time was a reflection of who we were, who we are, and where we wanted to be in life Well Shea took it the next level as he previously struggled with all of the pressures, lies and illusions of the entertainment business, especially in Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Symphony Orchestra had been a great avenue has Arender and a few investors purchased the orchestra back in 2017. However, due to the rise of the Vegas sports scene, a flood of Entertainment hits the city that was some unkept promises by the local politicians that did not give them the opportunity to fulfill their goals .. so Shea Arender decided to take his productions of overseas. And his world renowned famous shows “The King Symphonic” the worlds largest Elvis Presley production and “Sons of Mozart” the untold musical journeys.

With all of this being said; Shea Arender then made an very impressive move toward greatness as he started his new brand “Total Life Champion” , Total Life Champion is a Self-Empowerment Book Series Shea Arender created to be the best version of himself. Then in turn helps us understand what it’s like to run a company in a major city , deal with unforeseen challenges and handling life problems as they come to you!

A Total Life Champion mindset is a way of looking at life and operating in it victoriously it includes life aspects of
1. Your Body
2. Your Mind
3. Your Spirit
4. Self-Love and Worth
5. Finances and Resources
6. Relationships: understanding Ethics and Social Loyalty

Shea Arender explains powerful techniques in this “Total Life Champion” eBook series that are not only universally applicable but laying out essential tools to increase mental strength, helping tune your focus, redirecting negative energy, being cultural aware of your surroundings and being the best version of yourself!

After reading this book , it was a heartfelt journey from a person who went through so many obstacles and really learned how to redirect his life and plan! We look forward for the other books coming out in the series !

H.P. Dees
Entertainment Columnist