Why Criminal Defense Is Fundamentally Important For Criminal Justice

Why Criminal Defense Is Fundamentally Important For Criminal Justice

Why Criminal Defense Is Fundamentally Important For Criminal Justice

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Living in a democracy gives every citizen freedom with the possibility to be part of political decisions. People can vote for ministers that stand for their interests. This allows the society to participate to create and design their political, economic, and social life. 

A democracy ensures the rights and the freedom of its people. People have constituted rights and duties. There are laws and rules that regulate democratic life. They are fundamentally important to manage, organize and justify the citizens’ actions.

We want to find out why criminal defense is so important for criminal justice. So, first let´s take a look at criminal law, criminal justice, and its connection.

Criminal law

As the name already shows, the law embodies all cases related to crime. It includes property, health, safety, and moral welfare and all kind of threatening, and harmful endangering to it. Violating this law is followed with a punishment rehabilitation of the perpetrator. It differs from civil law and is not focusing on dispute resolution and victim compensation. Breaking the criminal law can cause a punishment like a prison or jail followed by house arrest and fines. 

Maybe the most famous act in criminal law is murder and culpable homicide. It defines unlawful killing and all the consequences coming with it. Other articles are regulation personal offense, property offense, and participatory offenses.

Criminal justice

Criminal justice consists of various agencies and institutions that help people who committed a crime to get the right justice. Law enforcement, courts, police, prosecution, lawyers, and prisons are primary institutions embodying and implement justice in society. The court and its judges try to consider all aspects that led to the criminal act. There are various reasons that can change the punishment for the perpetrator. Some of the defenses are mental disorder, automation, mistake of fact, and others. Considering those aspects is very important to understand all details and find an appropriate punishment.

What is a criminal defense attorney?

Democracy defines that every person has the right to an attorney to defend them in front of the court. It delivers justice to those who committed a crime. A criminal defense attorney is a specialist in the field of criminal law. The attorney defends all kinds of criminal cases. They help people who committed a crime to get a correct punishment that is not too hard. The attorney always acts in the best interest of their clients and work to achieve justice for them in front of the court and state.

The importance of criminal defense

Every democratic country has a very complex and specific law for every kind of activity that has been done incorrectly. But even the law tries to justify every type of case, there might be cases that do not fit the pattern of the law. Criminal defense tries to see all types of particularities of a person who committed a crime. The law of the state and all types of defense mechanisms (attorney, conditions that will tend to negate elements of crime) are the best combination and balance to achieve the best justice because specialties can be considered.

Based on human rights, the constitution, the law, and personal circumstances the appropriate justice can be applied.