Why Your Employees Like To Be Appreciated

Why Your Employees Like To Be Appreciated

Why Your Employees Like To Be Appreciated

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There are countless things that make us feel good. Having friends around, having good food, or reading a book can make us happy. Having a healthy family is another reason that makes us feel good. 

Nowadays, numerous couches teach us what to do to be happy, balanced, and fulfilled in life. We learn to take a break, to take a walk in the woods, or taking some yoga classes. Humans have so much power to create happiness and a fulfilled healthy life. 

It is important to know for yourself, what you need and can do to feel good. Have the control and power to help yourself. This way you don´t depend on others, you have the self-consciousness and power to be the best version of yourself. 

Another aspect, that helps us to feel good is appreciation from people around us. We don´t have much control over when someone will appreciate us, but we have the power to give appreciation to others and make them feel good.

Why we like to be appreciated

Receiving gratitude gives us an amazing feeling. We feel strong and happy about it. One reason for this is, that we feel being valued. We are seen for our actions, which are fundamentally important for a person. People appreciate us because they like us and that connects us. All this strengthens our belief in meaning for our life.

Working in a company and being appreciated by the boss and the colleges give us the feeling that we do our job good and that it is important what we do. This furthermore deepens the sense of meaning, that we are needed and liked. 

What is the benefit for your company?

If you run a company with multiple employees, you will know how important employee appreciation is. Taking a look at your personal life, and how much appreciation impacts you, proves that it is fundamentally important for an employee to be valued for their work.

When they are appreciated they feel needed, motivated, and more resilient for any challenge that might come up. 

For your company, it means that your employees will be motivated, efficient, and strong. So, this brings stability to the whole business, increases the quality and quantity of the work. If there are any troubles, your company will not have any problem solving them because the employees have a connection and community with you and the company.

How can you appreciate your employees?

There are various ways to show your employees appreciation. Some companies prepare awards to motivate and value their staff. The Octagon Awards are one example of this type of appreciation.

Another way of employee recognition is to increase their salary or give bonus payments. Businesses offer rooms to relax and create an environment that makes them feel comfortable. They organize events and programs for their staff where they can meet, have fun and enjoy time together without having the pressure of working. 

Very important is the recognition through personal conversations, so the staff and boss have a direct connection and the employees understand their own value for the company.