Your Idea, Their Money – The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Closing Rounds

Your Idea, Their Money - The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Closing Rounds

Your Idea, Their Money - The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Closing Rounds

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The concept of working for others or being your own boss changes constantly. For many people, it is not an option to be employed and under the power of others. 

With the pandemic, numerous people have learned to be self-employed and generate steady income. Entrepreneurs and business owners are eager to maximize and build a thriving business with growing confidence and experience.

For those people who are thinking of starting a business this year and looking for ways to fund the company, this is a must-read.

Meet Saad Alsogair, author of Your Idea, Their Money. Because of his astounding work with the book, Saad’s story was recently covered by Silicon Valley Times magazine and named “ Your Idea, Their Moneyone of the must-read books for entrepreneurs. He is also an angel investor, advisor, mentor, and speaker. 

Numerous individuals never dare to start a company because of the high competition. People make numerous assumptions, and the risk of failure pushes them away from building their brand. Saad says “ Ideas are powerful and that can be worth millions”. When people can sell business ideas and make a living out of them, anyone with little knowledge and guidance can find investors to fund their business ideas and start growing big without the risk of going bankrupt.

Finding money in business is not very hard, everyone has it and is willing to give it away if they get some profit out of it. 

As an entrepreneur has the excitement about the idea of their services, investors are constantly eager to hear about deals and innovation. One of the straightforward ways to secure funds is by understanding what business models excite the investors. Often knowing these secrets, entrepreneurs are able to secure huge fundings even through cold emails.

In the book “ Your Idea, Their MoneyThe Entrepreneur’s Guide To Closing RoundsSaad has mentioned numerous important tips that make the winning deck. His extreme knowledge in business and investing has helped to get funding for numerous companies and globalize them.

Saad wrote the book after reviewing thousands of pitch decks. He has participated in countless early-stage startups including Ripple, Calm, Dollar Shave Club, Grove Collaborative, and more. His aim is to provide an opportunity for startups to get funding by removing the common mistakes on pitch decks. For him, this book is a way to give back to the community and make an impact. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, “ Your Idea, Their Money” will be one of the investments that will change your business and life.