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M. Curtis McCoy

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In a world where anything is possible, any of us can create a global personal brand. These are the keys to success in today’s global economy.

3 Keys You’ll Need:

  1. The drive & desire to learn.
  2. Guidance from someone who’s already become successful.
  3. A platform & an audience.

The problem is, many famous influencers who have these keys aren’t willing to connect with smaller entrepreneurs until you already have the fruit on the tree.

We’re excited to interview M. Curtis McCoy today because he’s giving entrepreneurs that platform!

With a basic computer or smartphone, you have access to connect with some of the brightest & most influential people on earth. Schedule a video collaboration to share your story with his global audience! It’s time for you to shine!

Today you can monetize your skills in different ways. You not only can make money from what you love, but you can turn it to a passive income & even retire early if you’re able to create a strong personal brand!

M. Curtis McCoy helps people from all around the world to become the best version of themselves! He’s interviewing entrepreneurs & giving them a virtual stage to connect with millions of potential clients.

As the author of multiple best-selling personal development books, M. Curtis McCoy is also the founder of an entrepreneur community of nearly 200,000 members from all around the world. He is a founding partner of BestCellular.com & host of the “Success, Motivation & Inspiration” podcast.

In This Exclusive Interview, M. Curtis Mccoy Shares His Best Tips For Becoming Successful.

“ You can make progress… Or you can make excuses, but you can’t do both!” – M. Curtis McCoy.

Please Tell Us About Your Work After Surviving Brain Cancer, Diabetes & Daily Grand-mal Seizures. You Were Given Only 60-90 Days To Live By Doctors, Back In 2010 Right?

We have all experienced many setbacks in our lives, but that’s not what we should be focusing on. With all those setbacks, I’ve still been able to build a number of successful businesses, write books, host a podcast that’s syndicated in 187 countries & achieve many of my dreams. The goal of sharing my story is to help others to build their success, even as they’re fighting through difficulties.

Utilizing my media company, “Success, Motivation & Inspiration” & also our Facebook group, I help our guests share their knowledge & inspiring stories to people around the world & motivate them to not give up.

What 3 Tips Would You Give Someone Looking To Reverse Engineer Your Success? 

That’s a great question! I’ll give you 4!

  1. Find a mentor. Their guidance can cut years off the time it takes you to succeed.
  2. Be willing to make mistakes. Take chances & be willing to take calculated risks. You will fail. Take each failure as a chance to grow.
  3. Fill your mind with positive information. Read books. Listen to podcasts. Go to seminars. Watch videos where successful people can teach you. This is another form of finding a mentor but I can’t recommend this strongly enough. This is a biblical principle. Seek wisdom.
  4. Act successful, until you become successful. Dress professionally, keep your car clean (even if it’s a pile of junk), make your bed! Walk & speak confidently. Create an image of success. Take a public speaking class. If you want to be successful, you need to feel it. Anything is possible if you just keep fighting!

Get His First 3 Books For Free On Amazon Kindle!

Developing Success, Motivation & Inspiration

This first book shares my journey of creating successful companies, achieving my dreams, then losing everything when I was diagnosed with brain cancer. As the short book continues, you’ll learn how I survived brain cancer & how I started my journey!

Learn to Send the Right Message: Using Nonverbal Communication

Even if you have an amazing product or service, people might not buy, because of the way your message is being delivered to them. It may not be convincing enough. Learn to send the right message to customers, & improve how you communicate with the world!

Become An Excellent Conversationalist

Learn to have quality conversations. The ability to communicate & make people feel like they’re being heard is one of the most important skills you’ll need to master in order to become successful. People buy from those they like & trust.

How Can People Contact You?

I interview entrepreneurs & people who are fighting against all odds to succeed. If you have an inspirational story to share, reach out to me at https://facebook.com/MCurtisMcCoy/