What is Jenna Ortega's Sexuality?

What is Jenna Ortega's Sexuality?

Jenna Ortega, the amazing actress who gained widespread recognition through her role as Wednesday Addams in Netflix’s popular show titled Wednesday, has seemingly achieved a status magnified in today’s pop culture. She has convinced as many people with her performance as well as her private life and has long been the center of attention due to her sexuality. On the other hand, the big deal of Ortega’s love life is her endeavors to make it as private as possible, while her fans and the media have become authors of many discussions and debates about this subject.

Ortega’s climb to the peak of success in the film industry began significantly after Wednesday’s release where she played the leading role in Wednesday Addams, a character that had been inactive and required new life. The series rebooted in 2018, based on the very popular original from 1991, received widespread recognition, with many commending Ortega for giving a superb performance as the gloomy and strange teen girl. The combination of this powerful role and her previous noteworthy acting has solidified her amongst one of the most exciting upcoming talent actors in Hollywood.

 The interest in Ortega’s sexual orientation ever more magnified after she played the lead role in the 2021 movie The Fallout. In this movie, Ortega portrayed Vada Cavell, a high school girl who befriends Mia, played by Madley Ziegler after the two of them go through a traumatic experience by a school shooting event. The deep emotional side of their relationship, which involved a dance together and an implied romantic connection, led many fans to imagine it was Ortega’s sexual orientation. In The Fallout the characters’ link was intricate and some secrets where not not yet unveiled. Therefore, an actor’s portrayal of a character on screen does not affect their personal life.

In contrast, Jenna Ortega, who has been caught up in it, has chosen not to squarely confront the gossips and the rumor mills through direct comments in any social media. This is very special about her because most celebrities in her days didn’t even give privacy to their love life and they acted like it was also fun to share all their secret matters on their social media accounts. This discretion has only raised her fans’ curiosity and many people are willing to make judgments about her from very little information.

On top of that, the Ortega character has also publicly stated how she feels for the LGBTQ+ community as well as characters that members of this community can connect with. In one of Gayety’s interviews she presented her vision of Wednesday Addams “a gay icon”. ”She let me know that “it’s because she’s a badass. She’s cool; she’s got a nice taste, she neither pleases anyone else, yet she embraces her differences. This I think is a very, very significant thing to see. Indeed, they want to perceive women in powerful positions in relationships with other women. “I don’t know about you, but I’m sure glad I’m not. ” This remark was embraced by many followers and some took it as a subtle hint to her stance on LGBTQ+ supporters. 

Ortega’s advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community is not limited only to her performances in the silver screen and the small screen. At the age of just 13 years she emerged as a leader against Pride over Prejudice, a campaign which was oriented towards restoration of LGBTQ rights and acceptance. Her early venture into advocacy, in a way, showcases her determination in supporting the up-and-coming community in the absence of her own sexual preference. This activism thus shows the appreciation and consciousness of youth on the significance of oneself representation and care for marginalized people.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the film promoting MGM’s highly-anticipated Wednesday has been the actress’s friendly dialogue with her Wednesday costar, Gwendoline Christie, who has fueled fan speculation and curiosity. Ortega in the interview with TV Insider however tenderly called Christie “wife,” says, “My lady doctor, I love you. ”I would like to remark that it is just how I call her and I am sorry for any disrespect. She’s still my wife, you know. It is very heartbreaking for me to see you whenever I look at you. “Although this comment was really sweet and is proof of a genuine friendship, the fans were using it to prove its value further”.

Also, it must be noted that Christie has been engaged to a British fashion designer Giles Deacon for five years, and the terms of endearment among friends don’t actually stand for romantic relationship.

Throughout the years, Jenna Ortega has been suspected to date several menages, and also celebrities, though she has never admitted this. It started with a rumor in October 2017, when she was named Jacob Sartorius’ love interest in his “Chapstick” music video. The pair were seen very close to each other in the music video leaving fans feeling like the pair about to kiss and the rumor started. He did not deny the relationship speculation though he was interviewed by J-14. He said that they had been really good friends and their on screen chemistry was nothing but the portrayal of their real off screen friendship.

In October 2018, Ortega was speculated to be dating Asher Angel after the pair had showed up to the Halloween party match each other with Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson costumes. This was primarily due to them showing up at a number of public venues like the Cinema Screening of the movie “Venom”, thereby fueling the speculations. However, it did not stop rumors spreading, but still, neither Ortega nor Angel publicly acknowledged their relationship. It is possible they have been friends for a lengthy period of time.

The other spreading story was the alleged relationship between her and her co-star Isaak Presley from Stuck in the Middle. Since this was a teen-oriented movie, a romantic relationship between these two characters might not be too common for Bosustow and Presley. Ortega openly admitted his feelings for Presley during an appearance with him but negated their rumors by saying that they were best friends but never dated.

Despite the rumors constantly that hooked her to different people, she has managed to keep out of the spotlight her life.

This has therefore created a bizarre circumstance where fans are asked to interpret her private statements and roles, and the main goal is to find hidden details that can provide any talks about her sexuality. 

The prevalent case of Jenna Ortega’s sexuality shows another broader mood of interest and criticism of celebrities. But on the other hand, make sure you are respecting her privacy and let her to tell or restrain the  personal information as she wants. Ortega’s choice of a partner, same-sex or not, simply shows her support for the LGBTQ+ community and her role as an activist who fights for the acceptance and equal rights of all.

To summarize, however, the prevailing rumors of Jenna Ortega’s sexuality fail to present any valid publicly available information that showcases her sexual orientation. Her poise and her position as an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community may be the most noticeable things about her, but any judgment on her personal life is too speculative. By now, Ortega has been concentrating on growing her career while asking for people to just respect her privacy or to wait for any personal life details which she would like to say by herself. Once she keeps succeeding in the industry, it is her ability along with dedication to the meaningful concepts that is the focus of her celebrity image.